1. designweekportland:

    A few questions for Lloyd Winter

    What do you do? How does Portland play into your story? 

    I’m an Art Director at Wieden + Kennedy. I write and draw and design and make a living being creative. At some point I will probably wake up from this dream, but Portland has been a major part of it. I studied Fine Art and Art Ed in Idaho and when I moved here I planned on being a art teacher, reserving personal art/design time for my summers and stuff. But I abandoned that path and the design community was open, and possessed a culture of giving which lent itself to self-taught weirdos like myself. Portland breeds a culture of collaboration over competition which is why design is thriving here.

    How do you want to shape design in Portland? (Do you?) 

    I don’t have any intentions toward shaping it. Design is shaped by so many things that seem beyond control. I try to focus mostly on the work, and just trust there’s a place for my output in the world, but I don’t know if I can assume how it will shape things. If anything it will just have a little Lloyd in it, and that sounds really great to me. I find being involved in the community of sharing and celebrating design has lead me to feel like I’m a part of something bigger, but I don’t do that with any real intentions of shaping things.

    How does our city help you grow? How does it limit you?

    I’ve had much growth here both professionally and personally. I’ve built a great life here with a good career, and a family and a beautiful place to live. The quality of life thing is true in Portland. Limits? Hmm. I’ve worked with people over the years here that talk about being able to make more money if they moved to Chicago, San Fransisco, or NYC, etc. If I wanted to make a ton of money. That could be limit, but honestly, I’m pretty happy with things here and don’t really listen to that stuff too much, the quality of work coming out of portland is astonishing, and the people here aren’t doing it for the cash, not to accuse people in those other places of doing so.

    What are you looking forward to at DWP this year?

    Honestly, I hope to not be too busy this year. The first year I was in the middle of moving, and last year I was slammed with work. I’m stoked to see Anna Telcs’ Creative Mornings talk because I met her this summer and I think she’s going to have a interesting perspective on creativity that I think a variety of people will find inspiring.

    Recommend one great thing to see or do or eat in Portland.

    Go see some live music.


  2. One time this band made a perfect song.

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  3. I can do this for eternity.

  4. clemetsonphoto:

    Hotdog Mustard Pump by Nicolle Clemetson (clemetsonphoto) in collab with Will Bryant (www.willbryant.com) and Kristin Lane (www.kristinlane.net)

    Check out the whole series on Behance —->

    I’m loving this edit of our HMP series.

    Model: Favour Amunga/Q6 Models

    I love this!

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  5. Illustration remix I did for Horse Feathers’ catalogue of songs on tape. Who loves tapes?


  6. Serious grooves.


  7. New Work for Horsefeathers

    Horsefeathers archives on tape!!!

    Cover art by me. A remix of all the illustrations I’ve done for Justin over the last several years.

    Go get it here:

  8. Why I love binder clips. Reason No. 78

  9. Best thing I’ve seen in a while.

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