1. Serious grooves.


  2. New Work for Horsefeathers

    Horsefeathers archives on tape!!!

    Cover art by me. A remix of all the illustrations I’ve done for Justin over the last several years.

    Go get it here:

  3. Why I love binder clips. Reason No. 78

  4. Best thing I’ve seen in a while.

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  5. pieratt:

    The question of the generation seems to be “How do I make my own money so I can stop doing this work for these people?”

    We’re surrounded by quick-rich millionaires and acquihires and Karps with ridiculous lofts bought with no business model, and here we are stuck behind a desk doing pixel-perfect…

  6. Halloween is soon, caught this old sketch in a Scoutbook I found lying around the house.


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