1. Split Fountain Mountains

    Finally got some time in this weekend to print the posters I designed with Santiago for Finn Riggins’ 2010 tour. I spent saturday night printing the background which was a pretty intense split fountain that transitioned from red to blue, but after I got going I decided to phase out the blue, and eventually the green too. Printing a 5 color blend like this is nice and challenging - ask my pals over at Seizure Palace.

    Although I was really feeling the rasta color-scheme, I knew the blue would fight the second layer of dark brown a bit. Sometimes I experimented with allowing colors mix unevenly, which created some really great textures, adding even more dimension to the colors. I’m inspired to incorporate that some more in future designs. The process opens doors to new ideas and techniques.

    Peruvian born illustrator Santiago came up from Corvallis to print the second color on Sunday. It’s rough being stuck indoors, printing when the weather outside is so glorious, but the work had to get done. Thanks for gettin’ dirty Mr. Uceda.

    There ended up being a few different variations on colors, I’ll have to post some more when I sort through them and get some shots. What a blast, man.

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